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Our mission is to acquire, support, and develop further entrepreneur driven software businesses

Our Approach

We highly admire entrepreneurs. As a team of entrepreneurs by ourselves, we share the same values and passion to develop and grow the companies we work with. We support the companies to take the next step and reach their full potential with the freedom to run the business independently by entrepreneurs. Our expertise and experience combined with passionate entrepreneur’s is a start for new success stories.

Softhaven is a team of entrepreneurs investing its own funds for the long term

WHy softhaven?

  • We balance risk and entrepreneurs can untie capital for their other purposes and still run their business independently
  • We offer for entrepreneurs a fair (full or partial) exit alternative and support for the target company to take the next step and reach its full potential
  • We are fast and flexible in decision making
  • We are a long-term owner that is willing to grow and develop companies
  • We preserve culture and freedom

companies that we are looking for

Softhaven is looking for small size and profitable software and technology companies that have

Contact – we are willing to tell more

Paavo Pakkanen
+358 40 354 2101